Darrel Church

A latecomer to boxing, only lacing up his gloves for the first time aged 18, it's fair to say that Darrel (also a good footballer) is a natural!

Unbeaten in 11 unlicensed bouts and winning four titles in the process is testament to that.

As a pro, Darrel reeled off two straight wins in the first four months but as a father of one and a business owner, he struggled to balance training with work and withdrew from fights due to illnesses and injuries brought on by exhaustion.

He then slipped to a loss and a draw due to inactive spells spanning over 10 months but has recently reeled off two wins in under four months since being signed to Goodwin Promotions and managed to secure his third fight in six months, enjoying being active again with the help of sponsors.

Back to back wins have helped to set up his first title fight for the British Challenge Belt.